Thursday, December 8, 2011

... And Then I Lapsed

It happens. I am not a person of consistency. I do not keep a diary for this very reason. Of course, World of Warcraft is to blame, because there is SO MUCH TO DO!!

Sigh. The patch hath dropped, and I have valor points to farm on six characters, as well as gear for transmogrification. There are three all-new, awesome dungeons to run. And to make it all worse, the Darkmoon Faire is on until the weekend, and it's become seriously awesome. Did you know you can even increase your trade skill levels by doing quests at the faire? I KNOW! That makes it a total of 14 (yes. That's fourteen.) characters that want to go to the faire. All that, and I'm supposed to work, and sleep, as well? Also, it tends to make me overuse the word "awesome".

On both Horde and Alliance, I have one character each that I consider the red-headed stepchild. Meaning, I didn't really pay much attention to them. Iparra is a mage, and frankly, that's the problem. She can neither tank nor heal, which makes it difficult to earn my love. She can, however, look awesome in her freshly transmogrified gear. I call it... I don't have a word for it. Except awesome (see above). It's a lot of fun having her walk around like this, mostly, because people are going to think I'm a guy.
Khendran, my shaman, has made some amazing gear progress this past week. It's nice to replace a 333 mace with the 378 one Queen Azshara was kind enough to leave behind. Celebrations ensued, leading to a new haircut. Although, you know how it is with orcs. There are two acceptable faces, and three hair styles at best.

Iparra was also the first to brave the treacherous terrain of the new raid finder tool. A dps, right, what can go wrong? That's right: nothing. It was actually a pleasant experience. After I fixed my frame rate problem, that is. 25-man is hard on my machine. Two frames per second is not a place I like to be. She even got loot, which earned her the scorn of the top dps in the raid, we'll call him Mr. "I can kill the adds by myself with my 60K dps". That's a direct quote.
After this successful run, I stepped it up a bit and went in with Khendran, the resto-shaman. And behold, that was okay, too. It was a bit disappointing that the same shaman won all three tokens that dropped for our class. And that he found it okay to roll need on two shoulder-tokens on two different occasions. But that's people for you. Have I mentioned my shaman wears 333 shoulders, because Zanzil is being an ass about it?

And at some point, Blizz, we really need to talk about that shoulder-thing. This expansion is being a bit ridiculous in that regard. I understand they are prestige items, and I'm not asking you for tier gear for VP. But I should be able to purchase something better than ilevel 346 if my luck is rotten, don't you think? Not to worry; I know you'll do better next time.

And now, I must be off. There is just SO MUCH TO DO!!

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