Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Number Six: Spiritwalk

In related news, I just reached 85 on yet another character, namely my tauren druid, Spiritwalk. What do you mean, the name is cliché?? Alright. I checked the armory, and there are 44 characters on European servers with that name. As expected, 18 of those are shamans, and eight are druids. It is also unsurprising that best-respresented race is tauren, with thirteen entries. Shockingly, there are ten humans by that name (humans are spiritual? what the?), most of which are priests. How the name seemed fitting for a death knight, I'll never know.

But, back to MY Spiritwalk:

Isn't she pretty? Cows are awesome!

And she's a tank. I know, right. Who would have thought?

Er, sure, I'm totally looking forward to gearing up yet another character. However, druids are awesome. I've been having a lot of fun leveling her, and I love tanking the heroic instances. By the end of the day today, I should be ready for the Zandalaris. They bore me to tears by now, but it can't be helped. There's shinier gear there. Here's hoping we'll eventually find a raid :)

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